McAlpine Care Business Consulting


McAlpine Care Business Consulting is a division of McAlpine Care which is designed to strengthen the relationships between industry, the NHS, Local Authority and new Home Care Businesses to enable a collaborative network. Collectively members have the opportunity to shape our interactions including our business models.

The Local Authority are overloaded with cases and care packages to place. Although there is an existing list of Care Providers supporting the Local Authority there is still a challenge of finding Care Providers with the capacity to take on a care package. 

McAlpine Care Business Consulting supported by Santander, Metro Bank and Hillingdon Law centre provides a platform that brings smaller organisations together forming as one big umbrella. As a team we are able to offer specialist services which range from: epilepsy, PEG feeding, colostomy care, reablement, end of life, complex care and much more.